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    August 31, 2020

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The aim of the C40 Action Selection and Prioritisation (ASAP) resources is to support cities in selecting and prioritising actions to include in their ambitious climate action plans. The Action Selection phase of the climate action planning process aims to support cities with the identification and prioritisation of key actions for reducing emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. The action selection process builds on previous emissions scenario planning and adaptation goal setting. The Action Prioritisation process supports cities in identifying the actions (policies, programmes, projects and other activities) needed to deliver the strategies previously identified. The process involves assessing how these actions perform in terms of primary benefits (e.g. greenhouse gas emission mitigation, increased resilience, etc.) and secondary co-benefits (e.g. health, public services, local environment, etc.). It also involves assessing key implementation barriers (e.g. technological, financial, etc.).  
The set of resources includes (click on the links to access the content):
  1. ASAP Tool (English). The ASAP Tool helps cities who have calculated their emissions scenarios using a GHG emission inventory select and prioritise their ambitious climate actions, through a comparison of action benefits and challenges.
  2. ASAP Process Guide (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French). Guidance for a city’s climate mitigation and adaptation action selection and prioritisation process
  3. ASAP Tool Manual and FAQ document (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French). The manual and FAQ document complement the ASAP Tool, helping cities to navigate the Tool and providing guidance on commonly asked questions
  4. ASAP Case Study (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French). Case study to profile best practice examples of action prioritisation from a C40 city. 
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