Senegal: Sustainable Cities Management Initiative

The initiative

The Senegal government, together with the World Bank, is setting a national framework for urban governance that integrates sustainability, city-level training, detailed Urban Plans for pilot cities integrating climate risks and sustainability, new plans correcting existing discrepancies, pilot projects, coastal and natural areas planning and investment, and knowledge sharing. 
Currently, there are several projects undergoing in Senegal, mainly in Greater Dakar, Diamniadio and Saint Louis, that aim to (1) integrate climate risks and other sustainability aspects in the planning and management process and (2) promote resource efficiency and cleaner production in industries, integrated waste management and sustainable energy use.

In order to share the best practices, the implementation agency has produced the following knowledge reports: 

  1. Providing territorial authorities with urban planning and management tools that integrate climate risk. English French
  2. Diamniadio: Planning a new sustainable city. English French
  3. Saint-Louis: Ensuring the sustainable development of a historic city in danger and its surrounding area. English French
  4. Eliminating flooding in a sustained manner through innovative drainage systems. English French
  5. Promoting necessary reforms to ensure the sustainable operation and maintenance of drainage systems. English French
  6. Promoting community engagement to support the resilience of local populations and the preservation of drainage systems. English French
  7. Investing in community projects to boost sustainable urban development. English French
  8. PROGEP: A sustainable solution for urban flood management. English French
  9. PROGEP: From flood control to the promotion of sustainable cities. English French
Visit Senegal's page in the City Dashboard to know more about the projects. 
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