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GPSC Compendium: Small-scale Municipal PPP

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    17 March 2017

Small-scale public-private partnerships (PPPs) offer a number of benefits, especially where projects are developed by municipalities: they are close to those who need services most, respond to local demand and need, and offer opportunities for local investors and financiers that may not be available from larger projects.
Small-scale PPPs make up a significant share of total PPPs. The Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) Database shows that in 2013, approximately 40% of projects globally were valued at less than US$50 million, and approximately 25% of projects were valued at less than US$25 million, even though the PPI Database focuses on sectors more accustomed to larger projects. About 40% of projects in the UK Private Finance Initiative (PFI) database are below £30 million, and 20% are below £15 million. Some 30% of all projects in the Australia PPP database have a value of $A50 million or lower in total project cost. 
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