Proposal for Updating the Road Infrastructure Plan (Spanish)

  • Type
  • Includes:
    Case Study
  • Audience
    Urban Planners
  • Published
    January 2021
  • Tags
    Non-Motorized Transport/Active Transport Planning
    Sustainable Urban Mobility
The proposal for the Bicycle Strategy was designed and directed to the actions that the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima could advance under its functions and competencies of the non-motorized transport of the city of Lima. In that document it is argued that the coordinated work of the Municipality of Lima and Callao entities of the National Government and in the context of a new institutional reality, with the creation of the Urban Transport Authority (ATU) and the adoption of a National Urban Transport Policy (PNTU), as well as the updating processes of the Metropolitan Urban Plan 2040 and the Master Plan for Urban Transport for Lima and Callao to 2050, offer a unique historical opportunity to insert the structuring component of active mobility in these planning and institutional reform processes.
The Bicycle Infrastructure Plan focuses on the physical aspects. These physical aspects refer to the infrastructure needed to create attractive and safe conditions to increase bicycle use in Lima and Callao, reducing the risk of fatal accidents in traffic incidents.