Key Stages of TOD

The three (3) Knowledge Groups and seven (7) Knowledge Topics identified by the CoP, are reorganized into the 5-step TOD Framework. Press any of the following icons to learn more about the stages of TOD:

The ‘Enable’ stage highlights policy, barriers and mechanisms that cities can use in enabling the TOD planning process. This step provides cities with the tools to initiate the TOD process successfully and gather stakeholder buy-in from the early stages.
The ‘Plan+Design’ step focuses on formulating context specific solutions and priorities. The tools provide cities with TOD design guidelines and best practices that help decision-makers plan TOD to be context-specific.
The ‘Invest’ stage focuses on the dynamics of real estate financing, infrastructure investments and the role of private developers in TOD. The tools provide cities with an understanding of the financial tools at their disposal to fund TOD.
The ‘Implement’ stage ties the diverse interventions needed to ‘Make TOD happen’ from prioritizing projects, capacity building and monitoring.

Key TOD Themes

The five stages of TOD encompass two main themes that are integral to the success of transit-oriented development. These include:

TOD Inclusivesnnes

Adopting inclusive development into the creation of TOD areas requires that, at all stages & scales, the needs of diverse user groups including gender, age, abilities & socio-economic segments are considered. TOD stands to benefit everyone in a  community, whether they regularly use public transit, or not. Consequently, undertaking in a truly inclusive TOD process requires collaboration, transparency and consideration for the various stakeholders involved. To learn more about stakeholder engagement and TOD inclusivity explore the TOD Knowledge Products PD-R02 and the Enable section. 

TOD Governance

Successful TOD relies heavily on the political capital of the city or jurisdiction’s leadership. Irrespective of the type of leadership structure within a city, it is evident now that a well-informed and committed leader can help push the concept of TOD in order to improve the everyday lives and experiences of citizens, while also building resilience. To learn more about TOD governance explore EN-H01 of the Knowledge Products.