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    Technology, Greenhouse Gases (GHG), Management, Recycling, Disposal
  • Published On

    May 14, 2011

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    The World Bank

This study was undertaken to identify and assess the technologies available worldwide for treatment and disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW), and to make a general assessment of the applicability of these technologies to various waste management 'settings' within the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Region. Each technology was evaluated for a number of key attributes, including demonstrated commercial viability, economics, institutional factors, sustainability metrics, and environmental attributes, including emissions of dioxins and furans. The study focused on the waste treatment technologies that have been commercially demonstrated worldwide; however, selected alternative and emerging technologies were also considered. After profiling the available waste management technologies, an assessment was then made of the general applicability of these technologies to various characteristic settings found within the LAC region. Technology applicability assessment at specific locations within the LAC region will require detailed, site-specific evaluation. Such site specific evaluations of applicable technologies would be the subject of subsequent studies.
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