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    May 14, 2016

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The Egyptian cement industry is the world’s 12th largest and a vital economic force supporting the construction and building sector that accounts for nearly five percent of Egypt’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).1 Today the energy-hungry industry is at a cross-roads: due to fuel shortages, the cement sector is being forced to diversify its energy mix. The study concludes that Egypt produces enough solid waste to satisfy the cement sector’s entire thermal needs. In fact, achieving a 20 percent thermal substitution rate in year 2025 would recover an annual four million tons of waste, which would have been landfilled, dumped or burned. When processed at scale, AFR per GCal can be up to 40 percent cheaper than coal. At a conservative substitution rate of 20 percent, the AFR market represents an opportunity of $200-250 million annually. 
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