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    Solid Waste Management (SWM), COVID-19
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    September 30, 2021

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    Ruth Stringer

There are over twenty serious vaccine preventable diseases with immunization estimated to save 4-5 million deaths annually. Typically, individual vaccination campaigns in a single country target a million to tens of millions children and during the last decade, 1 billion children are estimated to have undergone vaccinations. In comparison, the vaccination campaigns for COVID-19 need to target at least the entire global adult population, approximately 6.5 billion individuals, far outstripping current rates of immunization. Presently only 60% of countries, home to almost 60% of the global adult population, are assessed to have adult immunization infrastructures. If booster shots are required to extend immunity or counter emerging variants of concern, a high level of vaccination will need to be continued. The effort will involve large scale vaccination campaigns in urban and rural locations. It will require attention to vaccine supply and cold storage, financing, logistics, and waste management in addition to public outreach and sensitization.

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