Sustainable Urban Development Assessment (SUDA) - Summary Report

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    October 20, 2020

The Sustainable Urban Development Assessment (SUDA) is used to help establish a baseline for Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) planning in a territory or jurisdiction, such as a city or region. A SUDA was compiled for 23 selected GPSC cities / territories, of which 21 were cities, with one region and one subnational state.
This summary document presents an overview of the results obtained from the SUDAs, presenting highlights and interesting trends, as well as lessons learned and recommendations, which can be used to inform future action in the GPSC cities. Overall these results will inform the GEF Secretariat, the GPSC cities and the Implementing Agencies (IAs), as well as the new GEF 7 Sustainable Cities Impact Program (SCIP) Global Project and Child Projects.

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