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    Integrated Approach, Policy and Governance
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    September 1, 2021

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    GEF Secretariat

This report summarizes key findings from a learning exercise on the GEF-6 Integrated Approach Pilot (IAP) programs, which were launched in 2014 as a new approach to tackling major drivers of environmental degradation. The programs were designed to enhance synergy in generating multiple global environmental benefits across GEF focal areas, while ensuring that progress in one area does not negatively affect other related objectives. The exercise was conducted by the Global Environment Facility and lead GEF agencies (UNDP for the Good Growth PartnershipIFAD for the Resilient Food Systems Program and World Bank for the Sustainable Cities IAP), and produced five separate reports highlighting progress and emerging lessons from three IAP programs. The summary report highlights emerging lessons and experiences with advancing the integrated approach through the programs, including approaches to governance and integration of key GEF cross-cutting priorities. 

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