• Country/City
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Topics
    Smart Cities, Efficiency
  • Published On

    March 1, 2018

  • Author(s)

    Pourya Salehi (ICLEI)

Local governments can lead on climate action through municipal service areas such as public lighting.  Smart and connected public lighting system, which is also considered as an element of a samrt city, can address a range of different needs and therefore bring a range of benefits . This case study showcases the initiative launched by Buenos Aires where the City completed a LED retrofit project and deployed a smart management system for its public lighting network. Energy savings, decreased infrastructure and maintenance costs, reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and increased safety and well-being for residents have been among reported results of taking this initiative in Buenos Aires. The study also brings the potential of replicating this initiative to the attention of local governments around the world.

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