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    Nature-based Solutions, Green Infrastructure, Greening Cities, Biodiversity, Housing
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    September 20, 2023

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This strategy paper draws from existing research and practical project experience applying nature-based solutions (NBS) for adaptation and building climate resilience in informal areas to better understand the potential for upscaling implementation as well as the challenges.
The paper identifies (a) what are some of the interconnected opportunities and challenges of working on NBS to build climate resilience in informal areas, (b) what are some of the special considerations that may need to be acknowledged when planning or implementing NBS for adaptation in informal areas and finally (c) what are some of the best practices that can be identified to date. It is intended that this strategy paper will support strategic discussions and programming to catalyze research and action on nature-based solutions in informal areas to reduce vulnerability, address climate risk, and contribute to sustainable development for the urban poor and the natural environment.
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