• Topics
    Greenhouse Gases (GHG), Climate Action Planning, Policy and Governance
  • Published On

    March 12, 2019

  • Author(s)

    Chang Deng-Beck, Dana Vigran, Maryke van Staden and Jen Bogle ICLEI World Secretariat

National, local and other subnational governments need to work together to track performance and implement effective, coordinated climate action, with the aim to progressively raise local, national and global ambitions. Linking national and subnational climate reporting is a key element for effective climate governance. This report is a snapshot of the targets, performance inventories, action plans and actions from the carbonn Climate Registry (cCR), of the most widely used subnational climate action reporting systems in the world. It depicts how integrated MRV systems can contribute to building better multilevel governance systems. The report also shows the type of information available at the subnational level and how this information can be coordinated with national level climate plans and commitments.


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