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    Resilience, Biodiversity, Climate Action Planning, Greening Cities
  • Published On

    December 28, 2020

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    City of Lagos

The Lagos Resilience Strategy is the State’s first urban resilience strategy document and it articulates an integrated approach to addressing the shocks and stresses the city experiences or might experience. Through this strategy, Lagos is committed to building a city that is efficient, innovative and inclusive. It presents a platform for planning for and tackling acute shocks and chronic stresses, thereby enabling the city to survive, adapt and grow in spite of its multifaceted challenges. The Lagos Resilience Strategy is a product of three years of collaborative efforts and actions including workshops, research, inclusive engagement and participatory processes with Civil Society, Academia, Private Sector, Government, and Community Groups from across Lagos. The content of this Strategy expresses the collective goals and vision for Lagos; and the initiatives proposed to be implemented to achieve them.

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