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    Climate Change, Urban Planning, Biodiversity
  • Published On

    October 5, 2020

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    C40 Cities

The toolkit on Integrating Climate Adaptation is aimed at both urban planning and climate adaptation specialists working for cities. This toolkit was developed with the goal of facilitating the inclusion of climate change adaptation principles into the practice of urban planning. It is meant as a guidance document for cities to set themselves up for success in the emerging field of climate-change adaptation through urban planning measures. The effort required to improve urban planning and climate adaptation integration is within arm’s reach and the benefits of doing so are far-reaching. Sustainable urban planning policies, once in place, can mitigate climate risks for decades to come.
The document contains: 
- An assessment of how climate change affects cities.
- An overview of how urban planning policies can be used to adapt to climate change.
- A suite of nine project case studies where climate adaptation was combined with urban planning in C40 member cities.
- Tools and resources for a workshop where city planning and adaptation staff can come together and start integrating climate change adaptation into urban planning policies.
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