• Country/City
  • Topics
    Cultural Heritage, Urban Planning
  • Published On

    July 18, 2013

  • Author(s)

    Bigio, Anthony G.; Amirtahmasebi, Rana; Licciard

The partnership between the World Bank and Italian Development Cooperation was established around the role of culture in sustainable development. This is a report of the activities of the partnership, which have been grouped under five broad categories: a) project preparation; b) analytical work and policy support; c) knowledge exchanges; d) publications; and e) program support. The associated projects of Afghanistan, Tunisia, Eritrea, and China, and prominent activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the World Bank's safeguard policy regarding physical cultural resources, and projects that benefited from partnership grants such as Morocco's Development Strategies for Historic Cities, Libya's Cultural Heritage Sector Assessment, Sao Tome & Principe's Cultural Heritage Study, the Nile Basin's Cultural Resources Management, Europe and Central Asia's Historic City Conservation and Urban Regeneration, Lebanon's Cultural Heritage and Urban Development Project, and so on, are detailed herein.
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