Urban Nature Program Expert Meeting: Urban Nature, Green Urban Infrastructure, and Climate Adaptation


May 28, 2024


09:00 AM



The GPSC convened two significant meetings on Urban Nature, Green Urban Infrastructure, and Climate Adaptation under the Urban Nature Program from May 28th to 29th in Istanbul and Ankara. The Urban Nature Program, an initiative launched by the World Bank, UNEP, and ICLEI in partnership with WRI, C40, and IUCN at COP28 in December 2023, served as the backdrop for these discussions.
These meetings brought together national government officials, city representatives, financial institutions, and experts from around the world to discuss city-level climate actions and to explore the potential of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions (NbS) in building climate-resilient cities.
The planned topics of discussion included:
- Planning for Urban Nature 
- Investing in Green Infrastructure 
- Supporting Climate Adaptation with Green Urban Infrastructure and NbS  
- Financing for Nature-Positive, Climate-Smart Investment 
- Climate Action Plan and Implementation 
- Climate Adaptation Strategy   
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