Paris Climate Lab: Technical Deep Dive on Climate-Smart Cities


Feb 17-21, 2020


09:00 AM


Paris, France

Photo by Illiya Vjestica on Unsplash
The City of Paris and the World Bank organized a Technical Deep Dive (TDD) on Climate Smart Cities, in collaboration with the Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD).  The program provided a platform for knowledge exchange and structured learning on key topics related to climate resilience, mitigation and adaptation.  It highlighted good practice knowledge, lessons and solutions from Paris and other cities, drawing on expertise of practitioners from the World Bank, Paris, and the participating cities.  The TDD presented a special opportunity for knowledge sharing and collaborative learning on the challenges arising from climate change.
The TDD offered an immersive approach to knowledge exchange including workshop sessions, site visits, peer-peer knowledge sharing and action planning.  Participants benefitted from: 
  • Cutting edge policy thinking and technical knowledge delivered through engaging learning sessions;
  • Peer learning and networking through experience exchange sessions;
  • Experiential learning through site visits;
  • Opportunity to engage directly with experts from the World Bank, Paris municipal government, academia, and the private sector to learn about innovative solutions and to identify areas of further collaboration and knowledge exchange;
  • Potential follow-up support from the World Bank and AFD to assist in the successful application of knowledge gained through the TDD.
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