GPSC Global Online Series 2021. Local Actions, Global Targets: Comparing Urban Biodiversity Plans to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets


Mar 29, 2021


10:30 AM



During this World Bank internal discussion, Urban Biodiversity Hub (UBHub) presented the initial results of the research exploring the relationship between global biodiversity conservation targets and Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (LBSAPs) from 45 cities around the world to identify how elements at the two scales align or diverge. UBHub extracted  more than 2800 objectives, actions, outputs, and indicators from the local plans and analyzed them to identify patterns in local action and to measure their relationship with the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Global Targets. The results suggest how local approaches to biodiversity conservation can inform post-2020 global frameworks to improve coordination between global and local scale processes. UBHub identify actions particular to the local scale that are critical to conserve global biodiversity and suggest opportunities for improved coordination between global and local scales that address their respective roles and spheres of influence. 
Introduction and Welcome 
Garo Batmanian, Lead Environment Specialist, World Bank 
Opening remarks
Oliver Hillel, Program Officer, Secretariat of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity   
Mika Mei Jia TAN, Co-Founder, UBHub 
Jennifer Rae PIERCE, Co-Founder, UBHub 
Pablo LOPEZ-GUIJOSA, Project Manager, UBHub
Panel Discussion
Brenden Jongman, Disaster Risk Management Specialist, World Bank (TBC) 
Giovanni Ruta, Senior Environmental Economist, World Bank 
Xueman Wang, Senior Urban Specialist, World Bank, GPSC Program Coordinator 
Mika Mei Jia TAN, Co-Founder, UBHub
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