GEF National Dialogue Argentina: Supporting GEF’s Sustainable Cities Program


Dec 17, 2018


09:00 AM


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo by Borja Castro Lancharro
National Dialogues provide a means for a broad range of stakeholders within a country (government ministries and agencies, non-governmental/civil society organizations, communities, academic and research institutions and the private sector, as well as partners and donors) to come together learn, discuss and agree, or take steps toward agreement, on environmental issues across the board. This includes information and validation of national objectives, policies, strategies and the means to achieve them; how to mainstream environment in national decision-making; national positions in Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and coordination; incorporating the capital value of environment to national accounting and other issues of interest. GEF issues are normally a component of National Dialogues insofar as the GEF Partnership is one of the sources of financing and support available to the country.
Check the presentations to know more about GEF’s mission, history and institutional structure, organizing principles and areas of work in the 7th GEF replenishment period (GEF-7).
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