Cities on the Frontlines: Mainstreaming Resilience Thinking Into Recovery Packages


Oct 14, 2021


09:00 AM



Event Summary
As cities plan for recovery and investment in key services and infrastructure, they must also address the underlying shocks and stresses exposed by the pandemic. Smart, green investments and interventions with resilience principles in mind can create a triple dividend: helping cities boost their economies; improving equity, and preparing communities for inevitable climate and health threats. 
This seventeenth session is the second out of two webinars to be designed and implemented under the Resilient Cities Action Package (ReCAP 21) to share knowledge and experiences on COVID-19 impacts on cities and their approaches and actions taken towards a resilient recovery. It is part of a targeted approach to knowledge exchange and global dissemination of best practices, experience and lessons learned to facilitate knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning within and beyond the project.
This event is jointly organized by Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank and will be co-hosted with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
Featured Event Speakers
We will welcome Ruben Werchan from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) who will give some introductory remarks on the subject. Dana Omran, Global Director, Operations Strategy Africa at the Resilient Cities Network, will frame the session and bring Resilient Cities Network perspective about the main pillars that support a Resilient Recovery, developed in close partnership with the program partners as well as knowledge partners that have been supporting R-Cities work throughout the pandemic such as the University of Manchester.
Japheth Habinshuti, Chief Resilience Officer in the City of Kigali, will react to R-Cities presentation bringing his perspective on the process of gathering projects that relate to a resilient recovery and connecting with different departments in the city. Soumya Chaturvedula, Deputy Director, ICLEI South Asia, will present the work developed in Bangladesh and how city authorities have been approaching COVID-19 recovery. Finally, Julian Baskin, Principal Urban Advisor at the Cities Alliance Secretariat, will underline why RECAP 21 fits perfectly in the much needed response to Covid-19 on the local level, while sharing some remarks about the other presentation.
Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series is a weekly speaker series co-organized by the Global Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank City Resilience Program since March 2020. The purpose of the series is to share knowledge to help cities respond to the pandemic crisis and plan towards recovery with resilience.
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