Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series. Creating Resilient Cities: The Role of Play in Planning


May 05, 2022


09:00 AM



Play is essential for children’s health, physical and emotional growth, and intellectual and educational development while also helping children to acquire social and behavioral skills and build resilience. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on children, disrupting their schooling, affecting their well-being, social contact, and even nutrition. This is especially damaging for children living in deprived urban areas, increasing the risk of poverty given the accumulated disadvantages.
With the objective of reclaiming play in cities and ensuring children get access to essential developmental opportunities through play, Resilient Cities Network and the Real Play Coalition partnered in the Strengthening Urban Resilience through Play initiative.
The seventh Cities on the Frontline session of 2022, jointly organized by Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank, “Creating Resilient Cities: The Role of Play in Planning.” will launch the latest report of this initiative, compiling inspiring examples from our ambassador cities as well as key insights on how we can integrate play within city planning. Join us to learn about how we can co-design our cities with children and their caregivers and how to make them more playful. Featured Speakers This session will feature speakers Ariadna Miquel, Urban Strategy Director at the Office of the Chief for the Barcelona City Council, Dr. Sara Candiracci, Associate Director at ARUP and Joana Dabaj, Co-founder at CatalyticAction.
Cities on the Frontline is a virtual thought leadership speaker series. The series, which began in 2020 co-organized by the Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank Group’s City Resilience Program, provides city practitioners and the industries and residents that they support, an understanding and means for responding to the pandemic and associated stresses, as well as solutions for planning towards a more resilient recovery.
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