Cities on the Frontline: From COP26 to Early Action in 2022 Advancing Resilient Cities


Dec 09, 2021


08:00 AM



Join Us for the final session of our 2021 Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series. This session will be a reflection on urban resilience over the past year. Panelists in this session attended the COP26 meetings in Glasgow in November. They each represent a different industry perspective - city stakeholder, financial industry and building, real estate trades. They will discuss what they understood from participating in COP26, what insights were gained, as well as reflect on the final agreements made at COP26 and what advancing on these agreements will mean for cities and private industry. Panelists will comment on their work plans for 2022 - a year of action.
Event Speakers
Dr. Duncan Booker, CRO and COP26 Stakeholder Manager, Glasgow City Council, will reflect on the takeaways from the UN conference for the City of Glasgow. Kimberly Johnston, Partner, US Energy Transition Services Leader, EY will explore what the agreements from the UN conference mean for business and private sector entities across the world and share why EY committed to seeing action advance both by and for cities. Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer, City Development Limited, will share what agreements from the UN conference mean for the building, construction, and real estate trades in the near future, and explore how is building urban resilience can become a more integrated part of the conversation within the real estate industry. 
Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series is a weekly speaker series co-organized by the Global Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank City Resilience Program since March 2020. The purpose of the series is to share knowledge to help cities respond to the pandemic crisis and plan towards recovery with resilience.
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