Circular Cities for Nature: Protecting Biodiversity through Local and Regional Circular Economy Strategies


Dec 09, 2019


02:00 PM


Madrid, Spain

As global hubs of resource consumption and waste generation, cities are key actors of the transition towards consumption and production patterns that protect natural ecosystems and the services human life depends on. Such transition can be operationalized through the circular economy, which contributes to biodiversity protection through three main avenues:
1. Reducing demand for primary resources.
2. Avoiding the generation of waste and other pollution.
3. Prioritizing regenerative resources and nature-based solutions.
This interactive session will offer the city representatives an opportunity to present their challenges directly to stakeholders from different sectors, such as financial institutions and community-based organizations, to be able to implement effective strategies in their urban planning to preserve biodiversity, as well as local and traditional knowledge.
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash
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