Bridging the Gap in Solid Waste Management: Governance Requirements for Results


Jan 19, 2022


08:00 AM



Bridging the Gap in Solid Waste Management by the World Bank’s Global Practice on Urban Development, Resilience & Land was launched on January 19, 2022. Inspired by the disconnect between global ambitions for the waste-management sector and its actual performance, the authors present a set of good practices for its governance. By providing information and guidance, the authors aim to contribute to the body of knowledge and experience with organizing and managing municipal solid waste while informing and complementing the work of national and local authorities and practitioners.
The topics covered include: Roles and functions for waste management in administrative tiers of government; Process, scope and content of waste management plans; Policy considerations, such as a community’s status quo and budget; Legal requirements for waste management at the national and local levels; Process and requirements to ensure sustained financing for waste management; Different organizational models & their effectiveness in waste service delivery; Public participation, the informal sector, and gender in waste management, and; Policy instruments to promote better resource use and to increase circularity. 
Sameh Wahba, Global Director, World Bank
Catalina Marulanda, Practice Manager, World Bank
Kremena Ionkova, Lead Urban Specialist, World Bank (Presentation on Bridging the Gap in Solid Waste Management)
Omar Sweeney, Managing Director, Jamaica Social Investment Fund
David Biderman, Executive Director and CEO, Solid Waste Association of North America (Presentation on SWANA)
David Lerpiniere, Research Associate, Leeds University
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