COVID-19 and Cities: Approaches From Around the World

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash
The ongoing pandemic is threatening cities across the globe in an unprecedented way, impacting not only public health but also the economy and how we interact in our communities. ​This webpage is collecting a wide range of approaches to COVID-19 through a selection of resources, events, and blogs. ​Please visit the World Bank Group’s COVID-19 webpage for information on its coordinated response to all aspects of development.
 Featured resources
Coronavirus Speaker Series: Sharing Knowledge to Respond with Resilience is a weekly session organized by the Global Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank as a knowledge sharing session for cities in response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation. Visit Cities Resilient Network website to see the materials from the previous sessions.
GPSC Resource Team has come up with a list of resources WRI, C40, and ICLEI are putting together for cities, related to responses to COVID-19. The list includes events, blogs, webinars, articles and other tools.
What are other cities in the world doing? Have a look at the database of public sector innovations to tackle C19 compiled by OECD here
- World Bank blogs (Sameh Wahba, Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Mami Mizutori, Lauren Sorkin). 12 May 2020.  Cities are on the front lines of COVID-19
- Harvard GSD Grounded Visionaries (Sameh Wahba et al). 12 May 2020. Virtual Event: Cities and Contagion – Implications of COVID-19 on Cities and the Urban Poor
- World Economic Forum (Sameh Wahba, Somik Lall). 11 May 2020. The World Bank predicts areas most at risk to coronavirus
- World Economic Forum (blog) (Sameh Wahba and Jan Vapaavuori). 07 May 2020 What Helsinki can teach the world's cities about dealing with the coronavirus crisis
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