Implementing nature-based flood protection - Principles and implementation guidance

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    December 22, 2018

Reference source: Natural Hazards – Nature-based Solutions platform

Effective flood risk management is critical to protect people and their livelihoods from flooding and to limit future losses. Until recently, most flood risk management involved conventional engineering measures. These measures are sometimes referred to as “hard” engineering or “gray” infrastructure. Recently the concept of “nature-based solutions”, “ecosystem-based adaptation”, “eco-DRR” or “green infrastructure” has emerged as a good alternative or complement to traditional gray approaches. Nature-based solutions make use of natural processes and ecosystem services for functional purposes, such as decreasing flood risk or improving water quality. These interventions can be completely “green” (i.e. consisting of only ecosystem elements) or “hybrid” (i.e. a combination of ecosystem elements and hard engineering approaches). Nature-based solutions can help mitigate flood (the focus of this guidance), drought, erosion, and landslide.

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